Wedding coverage starts at $1850, and elopement coverage starts at $475.  Please don't be shy about asking for more information or custom packages!

Contact me for more information.  We can discuss your plans via email, phone, Skype, or an in-person consultation complete with coffee, tea, or drinks!


Do you travel for weddings?
Yes, definitely! My home base is both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, but I am always happy to work as a destination wedding photographer. I have flat travel fees based on distance. As a note, I nearly always have special rates for Puerto Rico wedding photography!

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, of course, to both! If your venue is asking for a certificate of insurance, please always give me 2 weeks get that from my insurance provider.

What does “All-Day” coverage in your packages entail?
All-Day coverage is up to 10 consecutive hours of photography on your wedding day. You may not need me for that long, but that is something we will determine when going over your plans. More than anything, this allows for a more relaxed approach to the day in terms of photography.

Do you work with a second shooter or an assistant?
I work with a second shooter if you opt to add one into your coverage. If you do not want to add-on a second shooter, don’t fret — I am more than capable of shooting your wedding without one. However, if you want full coverage of the groom getting ready and cocktail hour, then we should talk about including a second shooter. Similarly, if you have more than 250 guests, I highly encourage a second shooter to ensure your guests get adequate photographic attention.

I work with an assistant whenever I don’t have a second shooter with me, and I will sometimes also bring an assistant with me even when I do have a second shooter to help keep me sane! As for how an assistant is different from a second shooter: my assistant helps me with various setups throughout the day and at times may have a camera in his/her hands but is not considered a second shooter and often is not a full-time photographer or even necessarily camera-savvy.

How do I retain your services?
After we've spent some time going over your wedding plans and ensuring we’re a good fit for one another, to book my services I require:
  • For weddings: a 50% retainer and a signed contract to book my services. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your wedding date.
  • For couples and stand-alone engagement sessions: the session fee in full and a signed contract.

How do you make us feel relaxed in front of the camera?
This is so different for each couple, because each couple’s personalities are different. We speak with one another prior to the wedding day — so that you are comfortable just being yourselves when I’m in the vicinity. I’m very laid back, I might crack a few jokes, and I do my best to remove the feeling of pressure or stress — I want you to get lost in the moment and in each other -- my photography is definitely focused on trying to show who you are to each other and how your love is unique and special. For candids, you don’t need to do anything! For editorial shots (those quintessential magazine-worthy hang-on-your-walls romantic images), I will give you some guidance on what to do while keeping you focused on each other (instead of the camera). And we'll have fun, no matter what!

Will you help me with my photography timeline for the wedding day?
Absolutely! I will always provide sample timelines to my booked couples to help get us started. I will also communicate with you to suggest some time blocks that you should include in order to ensure that you're making good use of me and accounting for some items that can sometimes take up time (travel to/from locations, receiving lines, and so forth), as well as suggest the best times of day for amazing light for your photographs. As long as we plan for your photography ahead of time, the day will be that much more relaxed and amazing!

How many images will I get? When and how do I get them?
I deliver a minimum of 400 images for an 8+ hour wedding day; a minimum of 300 images for a 6 hour wedding day; and a minimum of 50 images for elopements. The focus is on quality over quantity. However, there is certainly the possibility that you'll end up with quite a few more images than the minimum. Each wedding is a bit different with how its shooting opportunities are arranged within the timeline, commuting, and number of guests, among other things, which is why the average number of images varies.

Wedding digital collections are made up of high resolution jpg images and will be delivered to you via an online gallery that allows you to download, save, store, share to social media, and print with the click of a button or two. I give a cushioned estimate of 4-8 weeks to have your images ready. However, I will always try to complete them much sooner!

Portrait sessions involve a viewing of 25-35 proofs (depending on the type of session you book) -- the best of the best from our session together. You will then determine whether you would like to order digital images and/or physical products from your portrait session -- and of course I will provide guidance on the various options.

Do you edit your photographs? How much retouching do you do?
I do edit my photographs — this is part of how I achieve my "style" which, in terms of aesthetics, tends to be clean and bright, and a bit on the warm side with touches of vibrancy. My black and white images tend toward high-contrast and grain. I prefer as natural and realistic an image as possible; light skin retouching and teeth whitening is only done on images being readied for print. Heavier retouching, such as head swaps, slimming, and major skin/blemish cleanup is an additional charge per image.

Can I have or see all of the unedited photos you that you take?
Um, no! I remove shots with half-closed eyes, unintentionally out of focus images, exact duplicates, etc. You only see the images that "make the grade.” Also, I do not show or sell "raw" images.

You mention "fine art" prints and albums on your site. What does that mean?
Nearly all of the products I offer are of archival quality, with rich color, wonderful textured fine art paper, and builds that are of a standard comparable with museum quality. It is important to me that your artwork is of the highest caliber, and I believe that it is part of my job to offer you products that go above and beyond what run-of-the-mill print labs offer. I also specifically attempt to work with companies that are eco-friendly and/or provide a humanitarian service.

I love your albums! Can you design mine for me, even if you weren't my photographer?
Designing and creating albums is one of my favorite pieces of my work! I would be thrilled to work on your album for you, but there are two very important requirements that must be met before we can start chatting more: (1) You must have access to the high resolution jpg files (or higher quality base file) that you would like in your album; (2) You must have printing rights for the files -- either a print release or you own the copyright; if you aren't certain, ask your original photographer.

If you meet the above criteria, shoot me an email and we can start talking about what specific services you need, the type of album you'd like, and how many images you're looking to include so that I can give you an accurate time and price quote.