This is an extended FAQs meant to answer questions that you may have stirring about.  Please also feel free to refer to the basic FAQs page.

General FAQs

Do you suggest a First Look for the wedding day?
I feel that a First Look is ultimately up to the couple and what they feel is important for them. I do think that if photography of the two of you together is your priority for the day, you should seriously consider adding this in, as First Looks tend to allow for a lot more time of the two of you together throughout the day (as well as time with the full bridal party), and we get more opportunities to shoot in amazing light (since we can use different qualities of light both before and after the ceremony). But let me be clear — if it is important to you, as a couple, to keep with the tradition of first seeing each other as the bride walks down the aisle, then it is absolutely what you should stick with, as your wedding day should be about what is best for YOU and what YOU hold dear. I'm happy to answer questions about this and relate the experiences of various couples who have done each way.

What will we do if the weather doesn't cooperate?
For engagement shoots, if the weather is icky, we will talk about whether to reschedule or to shoot in covered areas. For weddings, you should always have a "back-up" plan for the wedding itself, but you shouldn't fret about the photography. I'll shoot "around" the weather while still ensuring that the bride's dress and groom's tux don't get too grungy. Overall, rain and snow shots can actually be pretty cool!

Can I upload my wedding photos to Facebook?
Sure you can! You can share these directly from your gallery or you can upload them. Bear in mind that Facebook has crazy algorithims for how they compress photographs, so sometimes (depending on how you put the image on Facebook), they will not look as clear as they actually are when you use that particular social media site. Do keep in mind that you are responsible for either tagging my business Facebook page OR linking to my business website when sharing/uploading images to social media.

What is a Reveal and Ordering Session?
This is the time when we meet together in your home, a neutral office space, or a fun coffee house to see your photographs for the first time (the "reveal"), order any products that were not included in a pre-purchased package (the "order"), and finalize album and book designs. If you are planning on wall art, we will go over mock-ups of arrangements for your home or office. All ordering takes place during this session. If your coverage does not include a Reveal, I am happy to schedule an initial ordering session with you if you would like. All Reveal & Ordering Sessions only take place on weekdays.

How does the album and/or signing book process work?
I design all of the albums and books, and I will show you several different layout/image inclusion options during your Reveal & Order Session — one will be all-inclusive to the album you ordered; and one or two will be with added-on images/spreads that you can choose to purchase if you want them at that time. During the session, you will be able to request changes to a limited number of images and spread layouts — the goal during the session is to finalize the album design without completely starting from scratch.

What will my album look like when it is done?
Freakin’ awesome, that’s what!! No, seriously — albums are my specialty, and I strive to give you a memory book that showcases the absolute best moments of the day, told through a story format. The outlaying aesthetics of your album, such as the page finishes, cover, and thickness of the pages is something we handle while finalizing the album.


How do you describe your shooting style?
My style is cross between editorial and photojournalistic. I also will always shoot with the intent of telling your wedding day story through an album.

Do we get black and white images?
I will definitely have some of your images converted to black and white. When I do this, you will still always get a color copy of the image.

Do you take family formals during the wedding? I don’t see any of those on your website!
I certainly do take family formals, and you decide if you want these to include just immediate family or a more extended family. I don't find family formals particularly suited to what I showcase in my portfolio, but parents and grandparents tend to really enjoy them, and they are often the images that get framed and put up on mantles, tables, etc. by your family members (whereas my couples are far more likely to frame the romantic portraits). The time it takes to do the family formals largely depends on the number of people and how many groupings you would prefer to see, but the starting time block is usually 30 minutes for an average-sized immediate family.

We know that some of the formal shots will include some posing, but we don't know how to pose!
That's okay -- you aren't expected to. You (probably) aren't professional models, which means that you're like most brides and grooms I photograph! I'll help guide you when it comes to the formal shots -- it will be easy and fun, I promise! Mostly it involve a lot of holding each other, gazing at one another like you're totally and completely in love (funny how that works, huh??!!?), and a bunch of smooching and cuddling. Which means it should be super easy!

Do you need a shot list for the wedding?
The only shot list I need for the wedding will be a list of preferred groupings for your family formals. You will be able to fill out a questionnaire regarding those specifics. You will also have the opportunity to note any other types of shots that you particularly want to request, and I will try my utmost to get these shots for you, but also bear in mind that I cannot guarantee any shots given the unpredictability of a wedding day.

Can my guests and family take photographs during my wedding day?
Of course! What you allow during your wedding day is up to you! Please just be mindful that if your guests are jumping in front of my camera while I am shooting you, their backs and heads are the images that I end up with… which probably isn’t what you want. If they are standing in the shot, I will also kindly ask them to step aside if possible (certain times, such as during the ceremony, that isn't possible, though). There are also certain times of day where I may want to whisk you away from the crowd in order to minimize distractions and maximize privacy. So while it is perfectly fine for your guests to take photographs, it doesn’t hurt to remind your guests to attempt to be unobtrusive ahead of time if you know that they are snap-happy.

I do ask that no professional photographer friends of yours are taking pictures that they will use to showcase or sell as part of their professional career -- there is a non-compete clause in my contract regarding this.

Business Details

How do we make payments?
Payments can be made online or in-person, via either a credit card or check (for online, this is just a direct check from your bank). I send you the invoice digitally, and the payment options will be listed there.

I didn’t book a second shooter with you but I’ve decided, after all, that I want to add one! Can I do that?
Yes! Definitely! We just make an addendum to your contract, determine the payment terms based on how far out your date is, and then sign it! Easy! If this change is made fewer than 2 weeks prior to your wedding date, I cannot guarantee second shooter availability but will certainly do my best.

Do you shoot the rehearsal dinner or engagement parties?
I am happy to do this for you. Please ask me for coverage quotes if you are interested in this!

Do I need to feed you at our reception or give you breaks?
If I am covering your wedding for more than 7 hours, then yes, per my contract, myself and my team do need to be fed (this is to ensure that we don't pass out on you!). This may require you to add extra plates to your guest list, but this varies based on the venue. As far as breaks, each member of my photography team will get a 30-minute break if we are providing more than 8 hours of coverage; they get an additional 10-minute break if we go over 10 hours of coverage. In all cases, we will time breaks as best as possible to take place while we or your guests are eating (since no one wants pictures of food-chewing!).

How do you handle overtime at the wedding?
If you booked hourly coverage or you run into the cap of the All-Day cap, here is how I handle that: about 15 minutes prior to the end of my coverage, I will check in with one of you to ask if you are set and ready for me to go or if you would like me to stay longer. If you opt for me to stay longer, you will sign a small slip at that time that agrees to overage fees (my hourly rate for your wedding, which will be covered in your contract), which will be due by midnight of the following day. Images and products are not actively worked on or delivered until overage fees have been paid.

Do you offer payment plans?
I do not offer payment plans for wedding or couples session coverage and packages; note, though, that for wedding coverage, after the initial retainer has been paid, you can make your remaining balance in small increments however often you like so long as the remaining balance is paid in full by the final deadline.

I DO offer payment plans for products ordered during any Reveal & Ordering Sessions. These are set monthly payments that can be paid over 8 or fewer months. Note that no products are ordered until the products are paid in full.

I need to cancel my wedding. How do I do that? Is the retainer refundable?
Oh, no! I’m so sad to hear this! But I understand that things happen. To cancel, you need to put in writing (email is fine) that you are canceling — and I will then send you a cancellation agreement that you must sign to make it all official and ensure that no further payments will be due. Unfortunately, the retainer is not refundable. For more information on cancellations and rescheduling, please refer to your signed contract.

Couples Sessions / Engagement Sessions

If I’ve booked you for a destination wedding... can you still take our engagement photos?
Of course! For my destination weddings, my suggestion is that we either plan to have me come out a day or two early (and we just adjust travel fees to account for those extra days) or that we do a "Day After" session the morning after the wedding, before I depart. We can also arrange to do the engagement session separate from the wedding, at a much earlier date, but bear in mind that there will be additional travel fees.

Why do I have to pay extra fees at certain locations?
Permit fees for any location that exceed $150 are not included in your Portrait Session fee. I will always let you know if a permit fee is not included so that we can decide if you would like to pay the permit fee necessary in order to obtain that location's permit. More and more locations require permits and permit fees in order to shoot any professional photography on their grounds, including state parks, museums, and tourist areas.