Temecula Wedding Photographer - Lorimar Winery - Jill & Darren

Pretty pinks, mellow yellows, garden greens, fragrant rose bouquets and boutonnieres; the lovely Lorimar Winery with its sprawling Temecula vineyards, orange groves, and fruit-forward wines; a spectacularly sunny, gorgeous day; and (duh) LOVE!: these were the makings of Jill & Darren's wedding day.  When you wander your way through these images, it's apparent from the start: family and friends -- and having a fantastic, fun time -- is part and parcel with this couple.  They joked around, took a round of shots (girls and guys!), and made merry, for this was a love long in the making.  Having known each other since high school, friendship bloomed into love, and the rest is now, pretty clearly, history.

Most emotional part of the day: the absolutely stunning Jill walking down the aisle in that princess wedding gown, Darren unable to hold his emotions back, and his trusty groomsmen alternatively smiling, laughing, and also getting emotional.  Funniest part of the day (for me): the girls striking silly poses while getting ready and then deciding that they wanted to do an "intense" image with Jill in the center (can you find that one?!) -- I suppose without the background it wouldn't make quite as much sense, but it was an absolutely hilarious and delightful moment.  Most romantic part of the day: Jill and Darren dancing, looking like they belong in fairyland with the softly happy expressions and Jill's veil occasionally floating on the wind.

Oh, and those piña colada balls on the dessert bar?!  Seriously.  You guys.  Pineapple is the best, and piña coladas are amazing... so turn that into a piece of candy?  I can't even.  Not that they were any comparison to the yumminess of the love of Jill and Darren, but I couldn't not say something about them!  Special thank you to the talented Halleigh for not only allowing me to be part of the day as one of her Associate Weddings photographers for Halleigh Hill Photography but also teaching me how to get those streaky lights in dance floor photographs AND introducing me to MagMod (a life-saver with outdoor night weddings!)!