Diana & Vic's Puerto Rico Wedding at the El Conquistador Waldorf Astoria Resort

A quick trip down to Puerto Rico for a pretty little wedding just outside of San Juan?  Uh, yes!  Of course!

[Side note:  As some of you may or may not be aware, I married my hubby in Puerto Rico, so it holds a very special place in my heart and I will go there in a heartbeat any time!]

I've actually heard amazing things about the El Conquistador Resort -- a Waldorf Astoria property -- and having the opportunity to photograph a wedding there was rather incredible.  The entire wedding party and all of the guests were staying at the property for the wedding and celebrating all weekend, and the day prior to the ceremony, Diana & Vic & family spent the day yachting around.  I mean, seriously, how awesome is that?  Enter a tanned, relaxed couple ready to tie the knot:

This First Look was precious!  Diana, in her absolutely ravishing gown (it looks like it was made FOR her), was bubbly, vivacious and excited for Vic to see her; you can see the elated excitement in her face!  And then the utter joy and love in his when they meet in the middle of the courtyard to embrace and tease each other for a bit.

The Puerto Rico vibe was alive and well when the wedding itself began.  The El Conquistador is brilliant in its wedding ceremony placement -- palm trees lending a touch of tropic inspiration, with the Caribbean stretching off into the distance to the left of the guests.  The wedding ceremony was filled with lighthearted sentiments, laughter, inclusion of both Diana's & Vic's children, and a Honey Ceremony.  Yep, that's right!  In place of the typical "beach" sand ceremony or using a unity candle to symbolize the coming together of two people and families, the couple dipped from a jar of Puerto Rican honey and invited each other to taste the honey from their finger.  Definitely a unique twist, and it elicited a great deal of giggling and laughter from the guests as the couple playfully incorporated it into their vows!

As dusk began to set in, everyone meandered their way through the cocktail hour area and up to the veranda, where the reception was set up in a plethora of tropical oranges and aquamarine tones (definitely lending it a Caribbean wedding aesthetic!).  Personalized M&Ms for the couple, bright florals, and a stunning wedding cake!  Toasts and dancing were, like the entire day, rife with funny moments and heartfelt sentiments of love.  Thanks to Paul Pruitt (and Melissa!!!) for the opportunity to help shoot Vic & Diana's awesome wedding day -- definitely an out of this world experience!

Summed up in 3 words/phrases?  A Tropical, Joyful, Love-Infused Wedding!