Las Vegas Wedding Photographer - Henderson Convention Center - Monica & Rob

Cloudy, overcast day?  No problem.  Why?  Because love was in the air... and love defeats things like clouds and grey skies -- it makes the world full of a glowing golden halo called happiness and anticipation.  At least, that's how it seemed like Monica approached the altar, gazing up at Rob (he's a fairly tall guy!) as he fought to keep his composure.  Monica & Rob had the largest bridal party I've photographed to date!  But they were SO much fun and had so much love for the bride and groom -- just like the several hundred guests that largely came from out of town in order to share in this day and support their next step forward.

Short story:  Rob proposed to Monica by gathering a group of their friends and family, then singing -- the last few lines of which were his proposal, when he got down on a knee and offered a ring to her -- and then a singularly sweet gesture of also including Monica's daughter in the proposal, since they are a package deal.  Obviously, she said YES!

Back to the day-of:  tears were shed, laughter sprang up a-plenty, brilliant friends and loved ones helped to raise the celebratory mood, and Monica and Rob tied the knot, jumped the broom, and then tore it up on the dance floor!