Of Quiet & Strength

If it isn't already apparent, I am severely behind on updating here  A few months ago, I came down with a pretty bad case of pneumonia.  It seemed to last for forever, and while I shot through it (no, I am not hardcore; just a bit over-dedicated much to my body's dismay), I did finally take some time to rest up -- and during that time, while images were of course still delivered to clients, blogging and social media were shoved into the background.

Since returning to health, my focus has been on ensuring I take some time each week to take care of myself, to get fit, to grow more strong.   Part of this dovetails into yoga, which helps so much with strengthening more than my physical self -- it helps me to center the mental and spiritual side as well.  That's a tangent that I can talk about for hours -- so I will just sum up by saying that now that I am working toward living a more balanced life, I will finally be working on properly catching up on my blog and social media outlets so that I can show off some of the awesome love I've had the honor of documenting so far this year!

Thank you so much for bearing with me during the quiet time :)