Las Vegas Wedding Photographer - Bridal Spectacular!

A week and a half ago, I participated in my first bridal show, Bridal Spectacular in Las Vegas, and boy was it an experience!  I started out beyond nervous (public speaking and cold calling makes me shake with terror, and this seemed like it would be a little bit of both), but as I got into the swing of things and had the chance to talk to brides with GORGEOUS personalities and FUN couples who were excited to find the right vendors (or just ideas) for their weddings, the nerves wore off -- and I ended up having a great time!

I met so many lovely people, from brides and grooms to fantastic vendors!  I couldn't have done it without my assistant (and amazing husband), Jordan, who built my booth, worked as my sounding board when coming up with the design, helped lug things around, and was oh-so-charming (at least, I find him charming...) with everyone who visited us.  Also, special thanks to my mom for coming to visit and be supportive.

I didn't think to take a photograph of myself IN my booth (whoops!), but I did catch the booth itself before the show got rolling the second day.  I was going for a clean, modern but warm, and welcoming space.  It made me so super happy that couples, brides, friends, and parents took the time to look at some of my favorite pieces of art and then sat down on the couch to look through albums and talk with each other and with me about photography and their weddings and engagements throughout the show!

During the show, I ran a giveaway for a choice an engagement, bridal session, or boudoir "enter to win" session.  The winners will be contacted via e-mail this week, so check your inbox if you entered!