My life is filled with amazing love and sunshine, classy affairs and moonlight, magnificent nature and stardust.  Like you, I am lucky in love.  With our friends and family as witnesses, I married the love of my life on Flamenco Beach on Culebra, and after our reception, we all continued the celebration by switching to swimsuits and jumping into the ocean at midnight.  Fun, relaxed, celebratory, quirky, silly... that was my wedding day, and it's also most of my daily life; in other words, my life is pretty magical!

To extend the magic to you, you will receive excellent client care, as that is near and dear to my heart.  Your albums and prints are produced by labs that care about the environment and the people of our world.  Finding unique angles and vantage points and getting off of the beaten path (outdoors, indoors, or both!) to capture an epic but still true to "you" photographs is where my artistic heart lives.  If you dig that, then let's chat!

Currently, I am based in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  I am a travel junkie and will hop a plane without a second's thought to get to your wedding in near or far-flung, worldwide locations.

I shoot digital on a Canon full frame with a mixture of delicious Canon and Sigma lenses.



I talk a lot about loving love and your wedding images, so I think it's appropriate to show a few images from MY wedding (yes, my hair was blonde then!) and day after session -- I am still, to this day, in love with these photographs.  I want my captures of YOUR wedding to make you feel the same exact way!  Below photographs by my amazing/awesome photographers, Bethany & Dan.